company profile

Dongguan Maoqiang Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. Since its establishment, Maoqiang has been committed to the system development and layout of digital city. Beginning in 2014, the first step of business strategy is to develop, produce and sell intelligent fire equipment. The goal is to use this as a "stepping-stone" to enter homes, offices, factories and other buildings. Then on this basis, it develops into intelligent buildings such as smart home, smart office, smart factory and so on. Finally, all intelligent buildings will be networked, with digital transportation, to become a solid foundation of digital city. At present, all the fire products of Maoqiang have the function of communication networking, which can be transformed into IOT products immediately and cooperate with the construction of digital city. Up to now, Maoqiang achievements include the signing of the cooperation agreement between production, education and research through the cooperative units and the Shenyang Fire Research Institute (formerly affiliated to the Ministry of Public Security) of the Emergency Management Department and the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (Chengdu), as well as the passing of the national standard test of the independent smoke alarm with networking capability, which has obtained the certificate of China's compulsory product certification, No. 2018081801000395;

I2DSP (Integrated Intelligent Domain Service Platform) is a real-time, safe, stable and reliable fire fighting software platform based on Linux system. Its goal is to build a standardized platform to connect multiple intelligent terminal devices in the form of local area network. With intelligent management scheme, it provides users humanized services while ensuring regional security.